Autumn 2021 Exhibition

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Kapoor Galleries Inc.

Incarnations of Devotion
Kapoor Galleries presents Incarnations of Devotion for Asia Week New York Autumn 2021. The exhibition features an array of fine Indian miniature paintings as well as a carefully curated selection of artworks from India, Nepal, Tibet and Southeast Asia. Highlights of the exhibition include an exquisite Indian painting of Radha watching a storm signed by the well-known Mandi artist Mohammadi; a graceful bronze Chola-period sculpture of Parvati with 1950s provenance; several outstanding Tibeto-Chinese scroll paintings depicting arhats and tantric deities; and a large and lustrous Tibetan gilt-bronze figure of Tara with dazzling inlaid jewelry.

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Radha Watching a Storm
Radha Watching a Storm
Uma Parvati
Uma (Parvati)
Green Tara Syamatara
Green Tara (Syamatara)
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