Autumn 2021 Exhibition

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TAI Modern

TAI Modern, the leading US gallery specializing in contemporary bamboo art from Japan, brings a select group of works by Japan’s most esteemed bamboo artists to Asia Week New York’s Autumn exhibition. It can take months for these artists to produce a single basket or sculpture and years to create a body of work that sets them apart from their peers. The artists included in this presentation generally belong to one of Japan’s major arts organizations. Each artist creates masterful works for their organizations’ annual exhibitions.

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Wakao Toshisada
Ueda Shounsai
Hobi Bamboo Tray-style Flower Basket
Hisatomi Muan
Hisatomi Muan
Abe Motoshi
Abe Motoshi
Spring Dawn
Shono Tokuzo
Shono Tokuzo
Spring Sunlight
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